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Here's What's Behind The Wall! Here's What's Behind The Wall!

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Are you prepared to discover the TRUTHS that have been RESTRICTED from you!? Here is the reality of what ‘they’ have decided you aren’t worthy or able to understand. We however implicitly disagree with this thought process. WE THE PEOPLE of the RESTRICTED REPUBLIC will not allow tyranny to overtake us. Prepare to be awakened, prepared, and informed of what you need to know to stand against those that wish to tear down the greatest REPUBLIC in the history of the world…the United State Of America! WARNING: what you are about to can’t unlearn.

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Our Founders

Lisa's decision to create Restricted Republic was due to her overwhelming desire to provide Truth but more importantly to let you hear it unRESTRICTED the way you deserve and have never heard before!


Suppressed on YouTube his decision to create Restricted Republic with Lisa was done to break the chains of censorship and reveal the remainder of the Restricted Truth in a format you haven't heard before!


We love our owners because without them we couldn't eat, have toys to play with, go out to the restroom, get basic healthcare or even have a home to live in. This is Socialism...people actually support this stuff? Wake up AMERICA!


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